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Black Angus


Black Angus are the most popular breed of beef cattle in the United States, and purebred herds are widely raised throughout the country. Black Angus are adaptable, hardy, and easy to raise; they mature to market-readiness in about two years.


Black Angus beef is greatly esteemed for the quality of the meat, particularly its even marbling. Restaurants and markets throughout the country recognize the superiority of Black Angus beef, and it is highly prized by consumers for its flavor and fine marbled texture. 

In 1978, in response to its rising popularity, the American Angus Association set up a certification process to ensure that consumers were getting the quality they had come to expect. The process has been further refined, and the USDA has a stringent set of criteria that must be met in order for beef to be certified Black Angus. The Certified Black Angus seal assures consumers that they are getting the finest quality beef available.


The natural and preferred food for beef cattle is grass. Grain is hard for cattle to digest, and grain-fed cattle produce an inferior quality of beef. Black Angus cattle which are naturally raised and fed an exclusive diet of grasses produce a beef that is lower in calories, higher in cancer-fighting agents, and heart-healthy. Naturally raised, grass-fed, Certified Black Angus beef is regarded as the best beef product on the market.  

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